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HEARTsafe - Helping each other save lives - HEARTsafe for Business

Helping each other save lives

HEARTsafe for Business is a project that aims to increase the chances of survival if someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest in a business environment.

It does this by encouraging businesses to install AEDs in workplaces, training people to use AEDs and increasing the number of people in the workplace who know CPR.

HEARTsafe for Business demonstrates corporate social responsibility, places emphasis on employee safety, empowers employees to act and supports the wider community.


Achieving HEARTsafe for Business status

The criteria for becoming a HEARTsafe business are as follows:

  • A minimum of one AED for every 250 employees, with a current maintenance plan. Companies with fewer than 250 employees may choose to collaborate with other local businesses to collectively purchase and provide access to an AED or alternatively provide information to employees regarding the location of their nearest publicly available AED.
  • 50% of all employees trained in identifying the need for and administering CPR, as well as understanding the basics of using an AED.
  • Create a sustainability plan to ensure the AEDs and number of people in the business that are trained is maintained.

It is not mandatory that the AED and /or training is supplied by St John, but proof must be provided that the required number of staff have been trained.

Once a business has achieved HEARTsafe status this can then contribute towards a wider community HEARTsafe status application. Your HEARTsafe for Business status converts into community Heartbeats:

  • 1 HEARTbeat per person trained to deliver CPR (including first aiders)
  • 50 HEARTbeats for each AED

Therefore a company of 500 employees could contribute 350 points towards a community HEARTsafe application:

  • 250 Heartbeats: 50% of employees CPR trained at 1 point per employee
  • 100 Heartbeats: two AEDs provided at the ratio of one per 250 employees at 50 points per AED

The criteria required to become HEARTsafe depends on the size of the company.

By becoming a HEARTsafe business,your company will be recognised for taking the time and making the effort to become an invaluable link in the chain of survival.

When your company becomes a HEARTsafe business you will be awarded signs and certificates to be displayed in your public buildings.



Click to download HEARTsafe Business collateral


If you are booking your CPR training through St John, we offer a dedicated HEARTsafe for Business discount on your booking. Mention the promotional code 'HEART'  when booking.


Contact HEARTsafe

To talk to someone about HEARTsafe, call 0800 2 HEARTSAFE (0800 243 278) or email


Enquire about joining the HEARTsafe for Business project

To register your interest in joining the Heartsafe for Business programme
> Complete an online enquiry


> Find out more about St John AEDs

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